MKT researches your company and industry and uses its marketing expertise to create well-thought-out marketing and communications plans to help your company reach its marketing goals.

Overwhelmed by all the marketing options out there? Unsure on how to decide what to do, and when?

MKT takes the time to get to know your company and industry, using our marketing and communications expertise to create well-thought-out strategic marketing plans for you to either use on your own or have us implement for you!

MKT offers:

  • Strategic Marketing Planning: A researched well-thought out plan for you to keep.
  • Strategic Planning and Consultation: A researched, well-thought out plan for you to keep, and time with us to ask any questions or get further direction.
  • Strategic Planning, Consultation and Implementation: A researched well-thought out plan, as well as full consultation and implementation. We become your in-house marketing team, ensuring all deliverables are completed and your marketing goals are met in the short and long-term.

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