Here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada things are changing at a rapid rate in response to the COVID19 or Coronavirus pandemic. Many people are trying to practice social distancing or self-isolation to slow-down and prevent the further spread of COVID19.

We are sure the impact social media played on this particular point in history will be the topic of many research papers for years to come. Social media has played a major part in connecting the world and sparked a whole gamut of emotions. Keeping us informed when the outbreak first made news headlines, watching the spread of the virus around the world, and the constant connection to information about the virus, for better or worse. Too much information can cause anxiety and panic, and not enough causes the same thing.

There are many things social media and communications technology more generally are making things better for us as we distance our selves and stay in our homes. Programs like Apple’s Facetime, Facebook’s Video chat in Messenger, Zoom, Snapchat, or Skype are all fabulous ways to stay in touch with friends, family, co-workers, contractors, and clients. They let us feel like we’re still physically together and still adhere to social distancing guidelines as put forth by Alberta Health Services and the Federal Health Minister.

In both Calgary and Edmonton, COVID19 Help groups have been started to connect people who need to be isolated or quarantined to connect with people who can help them with things like collecting groceries, medicines or other essential items. Facebook live has also become a platform of connection as many celebrities try to bolster spirits with free concerts by request, or reading children’s stories, or Jimmy Fallon who is still producing the Late Show from his home with a new crew (his wife, kids and his family pet) and guests joining him via video chat.

Museums, zoos, and even theme parks are offering virtual tours, ride experiences, and live webcam feeds. While this is done with the hope that it will entertain their audience – it is also an excellent marketing strategy that will surely result in more followers or likes and will keep them front of mind when the pandemic has subsided and people are travelling around again.

Many people are already taking the time to spring-clean their homes, binge watch shows they didn’t have time for, and cooking and eating with their families that’ a busy work and sports schedule doesn’t always leave time for.

This is also a good time for you and your business to be on social media. A simple rule of marketing, be where the people are.

It may be relevant to your company to share COVID19 updates as they happen or the latest information as provided by the government. If you are still open, make sure people know that if you are available in a different way than you normally are how do people contact you, if you are closed, how can you stay in touch, or how can your audience help you in the meantime. You do want to stay fresh in the minds of your audience, so when this is all over and things start to return to normal, your customers or clients will return. That may take some time, we’re all just going to have to be patient.

If you are anxious, or nervous, or unsure of what is going to happen, don’t worry, that seems to be a common feeling these days. Maybe you can help by creating content that will amuse, be helpful, or will distract your audience from their own worries. Now might be the time you start trying out Facebook live to connect with your audience or create a YouTube channel that will help them when you and your team can’t be there in person. If you haven’t already checked them out, the Holderness Family is a fantastic example of this, they normally have a team that helps them create content for social media, but left on their own, they are still producing content, working to keep their audience entertained and maybe forget about the seriousness of the situation if even for a few minutes.

As a business owner, if you are forced to close your doors and ride out the storm, this would be an excellent time to freshen up your website, optimize your social media accounts, create some content that can be used later, or learn some new skills that will help like, photography, web management, social media management or even graphic design.

A better more sustainable option is to work with your marketing team, like us here at MKT Communications, we can help you organize your efforts, and maximize your time. We can keep your social media current and with relevant content, we can update your website, anything from fresh content, to a complete overhaul complete with SEO audit and optimization. We offer a variety of packages that will help you with any budget. Contact us today to learn more!


Social Distancing and Social Media
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