We often hear, how do I go viral? What is the ‘right’ content for social media? When is the best time to post? Ultimately it all comes down to how to get the most views on your content. You can spend countless hours reading how-to guides, or watching YouTube videos from industry professionals and hear a wide variety of opinions. One of the great things about organic social media is – it costs nothing but your time!

Want your post to go viral? This is mostly about timing and trends. Most viral videos weren’t planned, they are content that a person made or shared with the hopes of entertaining the masses and the stars aligned, and BAM! A viral sensation. Maybe it’s because a famous actor/musician/influencer saw the post and engaged with it, bringing along ALL of their many followers to enjoy it with them. Or perhaps your carefully curated content strikes the right chord with your audience and it gets enough shares to reach maximum share velocity for a viral sensation. While many may claim there is a formula, really, it’s trial and error.

What is the ‘right’ content? That depends on your audience, their preferences and likes, your goals, and the tone of your brand. Perhaps still photos are all you need or only videos with screenshots as teasers. Maybe it’s boomerangs and TikTok-type short videos.

Try it. If you get a great response, build on it. Try similar posts or related content.

If it doesn’t work, learn from it. What was the content? Maybe try a video instead of a static image. Do more research about popular hashtags. What are the message and the goal – are you being too abrupt or too subtle? Try to change it, it may be as simple as the time or the platform your sharing on.

Trends change likes change, preferences change. Something that didn’t work before may work now or further in the future. You just have to keep trying, changing, and learning.

As a small or medium business owner, you may feel overwhelmed by trying to manage your social media in addition to all the other tasks you are responsible for. Sometimes it is best to turn to an outside marketing firm to manage your social media marketing efforts so they can maximize your social media presence while you are busy running your company. Contact us today to talk more about your social media marketing and to get your free estimate!


Social Media Marketing Tip #135 – Try Try Again!