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Client: MaKami College

Industry: Education, Health Services
Client since: 2010



Services provided: Social Media Marketing, Web Content, Blog Writing, Monthly Newsletter Creation (print & Online), Curriculum Creation

MaKami College is a private vocational college located in Alberta, Canada. It first opened in 2001.
In 2010 MaKami was on the verge of closing its doors. The massage therapy school was looking for ways to promote their business and attract students.
Always a dynamic, forward-thinking college, MaKami decided to try online marketing, despite the school’s dwindling budget.



After implementing a successful trial paid online marketing campaign, the college decided to add social media marketing and content marketing to its online marketing plan, both of which were not yet conventional choices at the time.
MKT began editing the company’s web content for better user experience, including improved writing inserting keywords and creating inbound and outbound links throughout pages. We also began writing blogs and writing, editing and designing a monthly college newsletter, MaKami News.







At the same time, MKT began working on improving MaKami’s social media presence. We started with Facebook, which was the main platform at the time. MaKami had less than 300 Fans to start, but consistent postings, contests, management and interaction by MKT resulted in now more than 11,500 Facebook followers (current as of January 2018).





MaKami College FacebookOver time, MKT added additional platforms. Today, we manage Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Google Plus and YouTube for MaKami College.

Each account performs well on a different level ranging from student engagement, to interaction with the hosts, vendors, exhibitors and sponsors of the various community outreach events throughout the province. The followers for each platform are as follows as of January 16, 2018:

Twitter: 1,652 followers
Instagram: 746 followers
LinkedIn: 636 followers
Google+: 89 followers



MaKami-14-Days-ExampleEach Christmas, MKT organizes and manages the MaKami College 14 Days of Christmas Giveaways, a contest that runs primarily on Facebook but crosses platforms to all their social media accounts. The contest has been a huge success bolstered by online advertising to increase its reach, and the contest grows in popularity each consecutive year it runs. During the December 2017 contest, the contest garnered a reach of over 135,000 per week for the 15 days the contest ran. While the contest is focused primarily on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube were all incorporated to help inform the audience of MaKami College accounts on the other platforms. #MaKami14Days2017





Today, MaKami is one of the largest private vocational colleges in Alberta, graduating over 1200 students per year. The school credits MKT’s social media and content management to much of its success. “MKT’s content and social media management has made a huge impact on our marketing success,” says CEO Marija Pavkovic-Tovissi. See MaKami’s full testimonial.