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In Part 3 of our series about using Facebook for your company social media strategy, we explore how best to marry the platform with your other marketing efforts to build a solid, recognizable and engaging brand.

The most effective marketing boasts an easily identifiable online persona and strong social media presence. Facebook serves as a useful cornerstone to a strong social media marketing strategy and it is easily integrated into additional marketing efforts.

With more than 960 million people logging onto Facebook every day around the world, these tips will help you harness those marketing opportunities to bolster your business bring your brand to your audience.

• Facebook offers massive opportunities for cross promotion with other marketing efforts. By offering your audience another way to connect with your company, you increase your ability to show them what’s new and interest them in your products or services. It is imperative to make these connections easy to find and easy to use. Providing a prominent link on your website to your social media drives traffic between the two, but also ensures your website visitors can find you easily on social media.

• Another important aspect to linking your Facebook page into your marketing efforts is to provide different content than on your website and other social media platforms. Your customer will grow bored if you offer the exact same information on every platform, for example entice them into looking at your Facebook page and your website by offering unique and appealing information on each. This opens up the chance to drive traffic from one to the other leading them to spend more time engaged with your brand.

• If you have a monthly newsletter, you should also be sure to include a prominent link back to your Facebook page – again, cross-promote whenever possible.

• Take the time to actively Like and Follow other pages of potential interest to your customers and engage with that page. Do this by not only liking their posts, but by actively commenting and contributing to conversations. When you do this, your brand name will be displayed in the comments – providing yet more exposure and another avenue for new customers to find and connect with you. It is also important to demonstrate the give and take that is essential to participating in an online community

• Facebook allows users to create calls to action, such as offering a contest or coupon for your products or services that are exclusive to your Facebook presence. Customers will return to the Facebook page to see if there are savings possibilities, and you can promote or ‘boost’ these promotions through tailored Facebook ads allowing you to expand your audience and attract new customers and followers.

By cross promoting your Facebook page with your other marketing efforts, you increase your presence, your chances to build new relationships, and ultimately increase your customer base. Word of mouth is an extremely powerful tool in marketing today, and promoting your brand across multiple channels is not only beneficial but imperative to any effective marketing strategy.

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Don’t Overlook Facebook in Your Company Social Media Strategy – Part 3