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Companies that steer clear of social media – and Facebook in particular – may as well be operating in a bubble in today’s economy. If that’s you, you’re probably hurting your bottom line.


A Facebook page is obviously an effective way to promote your products and services, but it is much more. It’s also your customer’s window intFacebook imageo your company: your corporate beliefs, your place in the community, your values and your role as a brand leader. It offers you the opportunity to connect with your community of followers one-on-one – replying to comments, sharing information, inviting them to stop by, or offering calls to action such as contests, sales and other promotions. Facebook provides the opportunity for your customers and clients to engage with you and visa versa, which allows you to build more solid and meaningful relationships with the public and further encourages a deeper sense of loyalty to you and your product.


Setting up a Facebook page is quick and simple and best of all FREE. Once you’ve decided to have a Facebook page, we have compiled a list of tips to help your page become the engaging resource people will want to turn to, day in and day out.

These tips include:

  • Post a banner photo (the narrow image band on the top of your page) that reflects your business (whether you’re a candy store, massage studio or cafe).
  • Post a recognizable cover photo (bottom left of banner) with a recognizable image such as your logo or your picture.
  • Fill out as much of the required forms as possible (location, contact info, About, Hours) to help people find your page using keyword search terms.
  • Find creative ways to engage your audience with photos and contests.
  • Talk up your team – include staff bios about your staff to humanize your business.
  • Short videos (5 secs-45 sec. is best) such as clips that have gone viral (who doesn’t love cats in pyjamas?) are great ways to make your followers smile. Or, post a clip of your chef making today’s lunch special, or a new workout tip from your health club trainer.
  • Facebook is especially invaluable in promoting your company website, especially if you regularly post new blogs, or if you have a newsletter. This in turn will boost your website traffic and create additional traffic.
  • Post your own unique and original content as well as shared content to give people a reason to keep coming back. At the same time, don’t post if you have nothing to say.
  • Don’t post a barrage of purely promotional messages. Followers will quickly tire of this cheap and dirty sales pitch and go elsewhere.
  • Follow other businesses, charities and organizations you support or admire, and repost and share their material if it’s of interest to your audience.
  • Be as visual as possible. Try to include images with your posts as much as possible, especially for your products. If you sell sandwiches, post a pic of YOUR sandwich and make it drool-worthy.
  • Pin a popular post that really reflects your brand, something you want to make sure people see right away when visiting your page to further convince them that your company is one they want to follow.

Often people will only see the actual Facebook page once, after that they will engage with you through the posts they see in their news feed. Therefore, it is important to catch their attention from the start to get that ‘Like’. It is important to have eye catching images, the appropriate use of key words in the ‘About’ description, and to provide options to link to your website or blog and back again. Through these practices you will ensure that your audience will want to follow your page and the other content you produce in the future.

At MKT, we can help you create and manage your Facebook page with our Social Media Marketing packages and our Content Marketing packages. Contact us today to request a quote.

Check back later this month for Part 3 where we will talk about the importance of linking your Facebook page to other aspects of your marketing efforts such as your website.

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Don’t Overlook Facebook in Your Company Social Media Strategy – Part 2