Companies shouldn’t have to go to 5+ marketing agencies to get their online marketing going.

As online marketing continues to change and grow daily, owners, CEO’s marketing managers and others in businesses and organizations big and small are left clamouring to keep up.

Strategy, content marketing, SEO, web design, graphic design, PR, paid online marketing – the many aspects that make up online marketing are not only numerous, but confusing to those who aren’t involved in the industry. And even for those who do feel they have a good grasp on all of online marketing’s aspects, it can be overwhelming trying to work them into your own company’s overall marketing and communications strategy, especially with all the ongoing updates and changes.

So it’s no wonder even large, established companies with healthy marketing budgets look for help from external experts. These external experts generally come in the form of agencies. I cringe as I write the word agency, because marketing agencies don’t generally have the greatest of reputations. The business models agencies have developed over time may have updated some processes here and there, but they still can tend to be overpriced, murky types of business, that don’t always hold themselves accountable and available to their clients.

Then there are all the specialty agencies – specialists in design, SEO, PR, Social Media. It’s a saying in business that you should keep your service offerings laser-focused, which makes a lot of sense to help a business convey its message, but from the client’s perspective, they need to go to more than five agencies just to get all the pieces they need to see out their marketing activities. And good luck hiring someone internal who is an expert in all these areas. If you find one it’s like finding a needle in a haystack, so hold on to them dearly, pay them well and please, please pass their contact information on to us here at MKT.

In my experience I have yet to meet any one person who is capable of understanding and delivering all the different aspects of online marketing. I have also rarely seen an agency that offers all aspects of online marketing. Call me daring, but that’s what we’re setting out to do here at MKT. While other agencies look to specialize in one field, we have a team of experienced specialists in SEO, web design, content marketing, social media marketing and paid online marketing. At MKT, you can come to one place to get all your online marketing, and because we’re knowledgeable in all these areas, we can help plug in your entire online marketing strategy as well, making your in-house marketing job a lot easier.

We’re not jacks of all trades, we’re specialists under one roof. We can help you come up with the strategy that works for you, and implement it in full or in part, depending on your requirements and budget. And our accountability and metrics-focused approach ensures you always know what you’re paying for, and are getting the ROI you’re looking for in your online marketing.

If you’re interested in learning more about how MKT can help your company implement a full-service online marketing plan, call us at 587-351-4944 and we can help guide you through the process, making marketing easy.

Online Marketing and Too Many Options